Master Key Experience week 11; crazy

I promise to…..

As I sit here thinking what to write about for my weekly blog, struggling to concentrate, watching my kids run around the room in circles, crashing into our Christmas tree, ornaments falling to the ground! My old blue print wants to yell and tell them to settle down, be quiet in the house…..but all I can do is smile and laugh at them. I am so incredibly Blessed, I have 4 beautiful, healthy, very active kids who all get along and play pretty well together! We have Love in our hearts and in this house! Scroll II really spoke to me and I look forward to Scroll III speaking to me in a different way! I will persist until I succeed. I still struggle with the 7 day mental diet but I am recognizing when opinions or negative thoughts are trying to creep there way into my mind! I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow as the person I am meant to be! Parts of my DMP have been manifesting and that is a wonderful thing to see unfolding before my eyes! Thank you to all who make this happen! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!

I always keep my promises -Brenda


2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience week 11; crazy

  1. What a beautiful thing you are doing….your children are benefiting from watching mama go through this experience! Love that you are embracing the fact that you have 4 healthy children who all play well together 😉


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