Master Key Experience Week 12; Life

I promise to…….

The end of the year always seems to be such a busy time for me! This week my kids had their Christmas program for school! They did a fantastic job, they practiced hard for weeks! Christmas family celebrations are already starting this weekend. I am not done with my Christmas shopping! In my defense it would be a lot easier to buy gifts if I knew what people wanted! lol My oldest son stayed home from school sick today, I hope he is feeling better tomorrow (he has 2 basketball games to play) He will probably spend most of the game on the bench if he is feeling better! Things just pile up if you let them……

As I look around my living room, I see lots of positive reminders that everything is going to be okay, actually better then okay, because I have a plan, a purpose, a dream in action! My heart is in the right place, and I will persist until I succeed! So all in all Life is good and no matter how busy this time of year can be, I will persist!

Hope all have a fantastic day!

I always keep my promises!!! -Brenda


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