Master Key Experience Week 15; Changes

I promise to…..

Wow it is January 2018 already! It is hard to believe how fast time flies by, and how much can change in just a year! My youngest (my baby) is going to be 4 years old in Feb. and he is starting pre school today! I am excited for him because he is super excited, and yet I am sad to see my baby boy starting a new adventure that does not include me standing there holding his hand. There is nothing better in this world then to see the complete joy on a child’s face, it just lights up a whole room and is contagious!

As a family we have been watching movies at night the past couple weeks and some of the movies we have watched are Rudy, Cool Runnings, Kung Fu Panda, and The Barbie Diaries. In my last blog I talked about Rudy so look at that if you want to know about that movie. But it was super cool all these movies are about having a dream and being persistent and following that dream, never giving up until they make that dream a reality no matter how many people or animals tell them they can’t! In cool runnings when he is looking in the mirror telling himself he is powerful and confident it was so funny cuz I looked over at my oldest son and said do you remember when I was looking in the mirror for 50 min reading my sentence over and over and you thought I was crazy! Does it still look crazy to you!

Kung Fu Panda in the beginning of the movie he is just dreaming of being one of the fearius 5 warriors, he sells noodles with his dad.  By the end of the movie he is told he is the dragon warrior and that it is his destiny to save his people from a evil/fallen warrior. He is given the scroll of destiny, but when he looks at it it is blank and just a reflection of himself staring back at him. So he did not believe he was the dragon warrior. He sadly goes back to his dad to sell noodles and his dad said something to him “The secret ingredient to my secret ingredient noodle soup, is nothing” the dragon warrior said to his dad “What there is no secret ingredient no secret sauce” His dad said “no nothing, to make something great you just have to believe it is great” and then the dragon warrior realized he was indeed the dragon warrior because it is inside of him, it has always been inside of him! He just had to believe it!

The Barbie Diaries movie she had never kept a journal but once she started writing things down, her whole life changed. Things started happening in her life that had never happen before she was accomplishing things, she thought it was a magic journal but in the end realized that just putting your thoughts down on paper is a very powerful thing! She too had a big dream in the beginning of the movie and never gave up on it! She stayed persistent until she succeeded!

I am natures greatest miracle, and can’t wait to share it with everyone in 2018!!!

I always keep my promises…..Brenda


2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 15; Changes

  1. I love how you brought the “I am” power statement from Cool Runnings and brought it back to your exercise at the mirror to demonstrate to your son the meaning of it. He could then relate what the results can be by seeing in the movie the change in the young man’s life. As for your 4 year old, what joy for you to know he is excited about a new adventure and not timid, which outweighs your sadness at him growing up.


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