Master Key Experience week 16; Miracle

I promise to…..

As I look around me for kindness this week, I am amazed that I rarely saw kindness before! That I was so unfocused, so in my own little world, not to notice kindness with out trying to see it! I am so grateful for this exercise this week! One thing I noticed today was my sweet little 5 year old boy! We decided to go visit his great 95 yr old grandma, and we didn’t want to show up empty handed so I let him pick out some donuts and orange juice at the store! When we got to the store my son opened the door for me, his little brother, and a guy walking in behind us! The guy smiled and said thank you, and I also said “Thank you Jaron you are so nice to hold the door for other people”. It just made his day to know that he was so BIG and Helpful!

Last Friday was my oldest son Levi’s birthday and on the way to school we got talking about his birth! The amazing story of how he came into this world! After I shared his birth story, my 3 other children asked about theirs! It was wonderful to think back to the day they were born and how each one was such a miracle and a Blessing to me! Each child has a different story of how they came into this world, not one was the same! So as I am doing my readings this week in the greatest salesman in the world by OG Mandino I keep being brought back to this conversation with my kids, and how we are all unique and different even tho we are all brothers! How each of my kids are unique, rare, not like any other, and natures greatest miracle! I am so happy and Blessed! Life is fantastic!

I always keep my promises…………….Brenda


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