Master Key Experience week 3; Aware

I promise too…………………….

This week especially I have been aware, aware of my surroundings, aware of negative talk or people, aware of good/blessings in my life, aware of past, present, and future adventures I want or have been on! I have been doing a lot of thinking, soul-searching, and emotions over coming me! If you read my last blog post you know I have been struggling with a family member going through a divorce process, and all the ups and downs (mostly downs) that go with that! I wish I could make it better but I can really only control me and what I say, do, and think! So I will focus on that!

This week has been crazy busy, but supper fun all at the same time! I have 4 kids in school! (youngest is pre school) and this week I get to go on field trips with my oldest 3! On Monday I went to the fire station with my Kindergartner! I got to volunteer to try on the fireman suit and get a shower with the gear on for the kids to see how they clean their uniforms! The kids loved it, and one even asked me at the end if I really was a firefighter! Kids are great! On Tuesday I went with my oldest (6th grade) on a field trip to the Pine City fur trade company! That was very interesting learning about how people from all over the world would come here to MN to trade goods with the Indians and other settlers around this area! And the cool things they would bring here from other countries to trade and how they traveled to get here! History is so exciting and interesting! On Friday I get to go with my daughter who is in 4th grade to the Mille Lacs Indian Museum in Onamia MN! That will be another exciting adventure learning about our history!

I love being able to spend this precious time with my kids!!!

I always keep my promises…………………………..Brenda


Master Key Experience Week 2;New Life

I promise to…………

Today I begin a new life! Today I form good habits and become their slave!

My heart is heavy today, I just feel like crying. I feel as though there was a death in the family, when in reality it is a divorce 😦 My heart breaks for all involved but mostly for the only child they had together after 18 years of marriage and like 25 years together! High School Sweethearts! I am at a loss, how can I help make things better? How can I comfort in a situation I have no experience with?

I made the decision to be the best version of me, develop good habits, and do my best to be a sounding block if needed! I will be present and hope that just being there is enough! I have a hard time understanding why people would want to do this when there is absolutely no abuse going on! How do you just fall out of love with someone who you have loved for so long? I can’t control what others do, so I promise to focus on myself improvement and will take the actions to be the best I can! Chip the cement away one step at a time!

I always keep my promises…………..Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 1;Round 2

I promise to………………………….

Greetings All,

I am happy to be back on track with my blogging! I am doing the master key course again this year, but with a twist! This year I am a intern guide! How exciting is that!!! I am really looking forward to being a guide and helping people with the process of finding their DMP (definite major purpose) in life! This journey is going to be amazing! I hope you all are as excited for this years course as I am! Well got to run!


I always keep my promises………………………..Brenda

Master Key Experience; Something new

I promise to……….

So something new, I am training to be a guide for this years Master Key Experience! That is really exciting for me! I am looking forward to helping people find there Definite major purpose in life!

Last time I was on here, I mentioned my son was in the middle of tournament! They played hard, stayed positive, and took home a 2nd place medal! Great job! Then the following weekend my daughter had her softball tournament and they took 1st place! So proud of her team! They played hard and had fun!

I always keep my promises………..Brenda

Too Long

I promise to………

Wow it is crazy how fast time seems to fly by! Today we were at my son’s baseball tournament! They won 2 games and play tomorrow for championship game! He wants to win so bad! I told him he has to help keep himself and his team upbeat and positive! Encourage each other and work together as a team! They really are playing fantastic! I am excited for this team, because no matter how they do tomorrow, they will be smiling champions in my eyes!!

Well that’s all I got time for tonight! I will keep you posted!

I always keep my promises…………………….Brenda

Master Key Experience; busy busy fun fun

I promise to…………………..

We went on our Temperance River Camping trip! We had so much fun, climbing around on the rocks, hiking along the river, and throwing rocks into Lake Superior! Wow what a great trip! We made so many memories and can’t wait to do it again! Our next trip this year is to Yellowstone State Park, we are excited for that trip, but a little nervous cuz that is going to be a really long drive! But I know it will be worth it!

Baseball season is in full swing for my oldest son! He is loving playing/practicing every day after school! This year we let him try pitching, he loves it (mom not so much lol)! The truth is he really is good at it! I just worry that a ball will come flying back at him really fast! I know he is a good ball player and will handle anything that comes his way! (Sounds good, right?)

All in all things are going really good at the Stay residents, and look forward to connecting with many of you in the future!!


I always keep my promises…………………………..Brenda

Master Key Experience; spring (finally)

I promise to…………

Yes, it finally feels like spring outside in MN! WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!!! The kids and I are just loving this awesome weather! We are so excited we have our first camping trip of the season planned for this weekend! The absolute cool thing about this camping trip is it was on my old DMP that I read 2x a day for the last 6 months! And on my DMP I said we were going to go to Temperance River in Duluth MN May 19 2019, and we actually are going this weekend April 27th 2018! How cool is that!!

Basketball season came to an end, but now we are starting baseball season in our household so never a dull moment!!

I always keep my promises…………………Brenda