Master Key Experience; struggling

I promise to…………….

This week I finished writing my new DMP and I love it! I really feel this one, and I know if I stay focused on it everything in it will manifest! This week I also have been focusing on little everyday successes! That has been going good! It is crazy how we do things everyday with out even noticing it!

Basketball season has come to a end, I am a little sad about that! I really enjoy taking my kids to the field house and playing for a couple hours! Hopefully this weather straightens out and we can start playing outside at home! Baseball season should be started, but we still have way to much snow to play ball outside! Mother nature sure is being weird this year!

All in all things are going good, and am excited for the summer!

Hope everyone is doing well!

I always keep my promises………………….Brenda


Master Key Experience; April fools

I promise to………………

This past weekend was Easter Sunday and April fools all on the same day! We got about 10 inches of snow right before and about another 10 inches the day after! Some say it is not a funny April fools joke mother nature is playing! haha

Easter went really well, I stuck to my new blueprint and did not fall back! I am proud of myself for staying the observer and just sitting back enjoying the day!! It is definitely not easy to do when around people who knew the old you! Old habits are hard to break, but it is so worth it when you break free of them!!

I wrote a new DMP, it is still work in progress but I figured I needed to upgrade! Some of the things on my old one had already happend so that was cool! I really feel like this new dmp has more emotion and meaning to it! A lot of it revolves around my children, not sure if that is good? But they are a big part of my life and where I am going in the future!

Hope all is going well with you! Have a fantastic day!!

I always keep my promises………………………..Brenda

Master Key Experience; Easter

I promise to………

I am excited for Easter, for all the normal reasons: Christ has risen Hallelujah, Family Fun, Egg hunts, Church, you know the normal reasons! I love watching my kids excitement grow as we are getting closer to Easter Sunday! The little things we get to do to prepare is so fun! So now that you know I am excited, I have to be honest with you………I am also very nervous for Easter Sunday! I am worried that being around family will bring my old blueprint out! It is so easy to fall back into my old patterns and that scares me! I already had a conversation (if you will) with myself, about how I am going to be the quiet observer on Sunday, sit back and relax! Non judgmental person who sits there observing how everyone in my family should take this course in Sept! 😉 Or is that judging! lol  I am just so very grateful for everything I have learned and overcome over the last 6 months or so, that I want to share it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Blessed Easter Season!

I always keep my promises…………..Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 24; Next

I promise to………..

As I sit here watching my kids play, all I can think about is what is next? What is the next chapter in my life! As this course is coming to a end, what is next?? I am incredibly grateful for all I have learned over the last 6 months and can’t wait to see how the next 6 months will unfold! I am participating in the go90grow!!! So you haven’t heard the last of me yet! HAHA

This week we focus on being true to ourselves, harmoniously true, effortless expression of our true nature. Grass just grows, birds sing. Things that just are. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. And there are only 4 questions that matter: 1. What is the source of the spirit? 2. What is the reason for our existence?  3. What’s worth living for? 4. What’s worth dying for? THE ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING IS LOVE

“You must become the change that you seek, and nothing can permanently deny it’s own true nature” When you see how these are the same you will be a success! YOU ARE LOVED!



I always keep my promises………Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 23; kids

I promise to………..

Today I begin a new life.

I greet this day with love in my heart.

I persist until I succeed.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I live this day as if it’s my last.

Today I am master of my emotions.

Wow, what a amazing journey I have been on so far! I have grown so much over the last 6 months, and I am excited for my future self! Fantastic things are yet to come!

As I sit here watching my two little boys playing, I keep thinking, wow to be young again, to see things through the eyes of children! Life is so simple and beautiful! Life is a miracle! The tiny little innocent things they do without even thinking about it. Things like holding hands with other kids their age, my two older kids would not do that any more without giggling or feeling embarrassed! It is crazy how we do that to our kids with out even noticing what we are doing! Children are so free, free to express themselves, free to feel in the moment, free to laugh, free to love, free to just be!

I have always had a special bond with children, I knew I would work with children when I grew up or at the very least have a handful of my own to love! I am not sure what always drew me to kids, but I think I just loved their innocents, and freedom! They had that feeling I wanted! Kids don’t have stress, or worry! They just have the present, the here and now! They don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday! They live in the moment as if it is their last day! Kids are so wise and they don’t even know the power they have! It is sad that we try to control them and tell them to follow in line! Tell them what is the “right” way to act and be! Kids are smart, funny, helpful, and just good! I am trying to channel my inner child, slowly chipping away the layers of cement that is weighing me down, so I can be a better version of myself!

I always keep my promises…………………………Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 22A; horses

I promise too…………….

Monday morning we decided to take a family vacation that we wanted to do for years but haven’t taken the time to plan it out. We found out some family from MN were going to go on the vacation we wanted to do and we decided in less then a day to pack and hit the road! We left Monday evening in the middle of a snow storm and drove strait through the night. We finally reached our destination at about 1 pm Tuesday! Colorado visiting family is the best medicine, when you are sick of snow storms! My kids got to climb their first mountain! They ran up and down it, they are just a ball of energy! After a couple days we left one family members house to visit another 2 hours away from the first one! We spent all day today riding horses! My kids and I were in heaven, we love horses! I am so thankful that we were able to just take off at the drop of a hat and spend quality time with family in another state! Anyway I need to get back to hanging out with my Colorado family so you all have a wonderful day!

I always keep my promises…………….Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 22; Emotion

I promise to……..

This past week has been a pretty emotional one for me, so I find it fitting to switch scrolls and wow, bam it is on emotions! I have always thought of myself as not being a very emotional person, some have even called me cold hearted, since I would hold everything in and not show any emotion that I cared! But it seems that this is not the case anymore, I have been a lot more open with my emotions lately! Showing different sides of myself with different emotions and moods.  “All nature is a circle of moods and I am a part of nature and so, like the tides, my moods will rise; my moods will fall.” Slowly mastering my emotions so every day can be a happy day! I am learning the secret of the ages “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.  I will follow this battle plan before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel ill I will double my labor.

If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.

If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.

If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.

If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.

If I feel incompetent I will remember past success.

If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals.

Today I will be master of my emotions.”

I always keep my promises…………………Brenda