Master Key Experience Week 15; Changes

I promise to…..

Wow it is January 2018 already! It is hard to believe how fast time flies by, and how much can change in just a year! My youngest (my baby) is going to be 4 years old in Feb. and he is starting pre school today! I am excited for him because he is super excited, and yet I am sad to see my baby boy starting a new adventure that does not include me standing there holding his hand. There is nothing better in this world then to see the complete joy on a child’s face, it just lights up a whole room and is contagious!

As a family we have been watching movies at night the past couple weeks and some of the movies we have watched are Rudy, Cool Runnings, Kung Fu Panda, and The Barbie Diaries. In my last blog I talked about Rudy so look at that if you want to know about that movie. But it was super cool all these movies are about having a dream and being persistent and following that dream, never giving up until they make that dream a reality no matter how many people or animals tell them they can’t! In cool runnings when he is looking in the mirror telling himself he is powerful and confident it was so funny cuz I looked over at my oldest son and said do you remember when I was looking in the mirror for 50 min reading my sentence over and over and you thought I was crazy! Does it still look crazy to you!

Kung Fu Panda in the beginning of the movie he is just dreaming of being one of the fearius 5 warriors, he sells noodles with his dad.  By the end of the movie he is told he is the dragon warrior and that it is his destiny to save his people from a evil/fallen warrior. He is given the scroll of destiny, but when he looks at it it is blank and just a reflection of himself staring back at him. So he did not believe he was the dragon warrior. He sadly goes back to his dad to sell noodles and his dad said something to him “The secret ingredient to my secret ingredient noodle soup, is nothing” the dragon warrior said to his dad “What there is no secret ingredient no secret sauce” His dad said “no nothing, to make something great you just have to believe it is great” and then the dragon warrior realized he was indeed the dragon warrior because it is inside of him, it has always been inside of him! He just had to believe it!

The Barbie Diaries movie she had never kept a journal but once she started writing things down, her whole life changed. Things started happening in her life that had never happen before she was accomplishing things, she thought it was a magic journal but in the end realized that just putting your thoughts down on paper is a very powerful thing! She too had a big dream in the beginning of the movie and never gave up on it! She stayed persistent until she succeeded!

I am natures greatest miracle, and can’t wait to share it with everyone in 2018!!!

I always keep my promises…..Brenda


Master Key Experience Week 14; Movie

I promise to….

This week my kids are home on their Christmas break, we are having a lot of fun hanging out! Almost every night this week we have watched a movie before bed. Last night we watched the movie Rudy! Wow what a great movie! It is a movie about a guy named Rudy who has been dreaming since he was a boy to go to college at Notre Dame to play on their football team! Everyone in his life (except his best friend) told him it was just a silly dream and to wake up!  His heart and determination is amazing! After the movie my almost 11 year old son said “see never give up on your dreams no matter what happens or what the odds are” He is such a smart boy, I am so incredibly proud of the young man he is! I think he saw himself in Rudy (he wants to be a professional baseball player)

This time of year can be very challenging to stay focused on what is truly important in life and on business/work. I am happy to say, so far this Christmas break has been a very good one with family gatherings and everything!!! I am excited to see what 2018 will bring! But I will take it one day at a time! Don’t want life to pass me by, or my kids to grow up too fast! Happy New Year Everyone!!

I always keep my promises…-Brenda

Master key Experience Week 13; manifest

I promise to…….

As I sit here and reflect on my week, I can’t help but smile over the changes that have taken place this Christmas season vs last year at this time! My DMP has so many areas that have been manifesting and “I am so very happy, we are all healthy, everyone got along great this holiday season, life is FANTASTIC!!!! “(That is my one sentence that I said for 50 min)

I did really like this quote “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” because it is so very true! We must stay focused on what our main thing is and not loose sight of it! The more we stay focused the more we manifest! So excited for March, my journey has never looked so good and bright!

I do hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

I always keep my promises…. Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 12; Life

I promise to…….

The end of the year always seems to be such a busy time for me! This week my kids had their Christmas program for school! They did a fantastic job, they practiced hard for weeks! Christmas family celebrations are already starting this weekend. I am not done with my Christmas shopping! In my defense it would be a lot easier to buy gifts if I knew what people wanted! lol My oldest son stayed home from school sick today, I hope he is feeling better tomorrow (he has 2 basketball games to play) He will probably spend most of the game on the bench if he is feeling better! Things just pile up if you let them……

As I look around my living room, I see lots of positive reminders that everything is going to be okay, actually better then okay, because I have a plan, a purpose, a dream in action! My heart is in the right place, and I will persist until I succeed! So all in all Life is good and no matter how busy this time of year can be, I will persist!

Hope all have a fantastic day!

I always keep my promises!!! -Brenda

Master Key Experience week 11; crazy

I promise to…..

As I sit here thinking what to write about for my weekly blog, struggling to concentrate, watching my kids run around the room in circles, crashing into our Christmas tree, ornaments falling to the ground! My old blue print wants to yell and tell them to settle down, be quiet in the house…..but all I can do is smile and laugh at them. I am so incredibly Blessed, I have 4 beautiful, healthy, very active kids who all get along and play pretty well together! We have Love in our hearts and in this house! Scroll II really spoke to me and I look forward to Scroll III speaking to me in a different way! I will persist until I succeed. I still struggle with the 7 day mental diet but I am recognizing when opinions or negative thoughts are trying to creep there way into my mind! I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow as the person I am meant to be! Parts of my DMP have been manifesting and that is a wonderful thing to see unfolding before my eyes! Thank you to all who make this happen! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!

I always keep my promises -Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 10; Time

This week has been a crazy busy week for me with my kids school! Once a year we do this big fundraiser where we bake Christmas cookies and sell them! We have hundreds of dozens of cookies that we make all week long, it is just exhausting! I worked so hard I actually got sick! But it is a great fundraiser to help keep tuition down so it is a good thing! I was at the school working, listening to all these great women complain about their life or things going on whatever! I just sat back listening, being the observer, not joining in like I use to do! I realized how great my life is, and I have nothing to complain about! I did spend a lot of time this week at the school and it was exhausting, but it also made me realize how much time in a week a do have to give of myself! I hope you all had a fantastic week! I will persist until I succeed! Love it 🙂

Master Key Experience Week 9; Love

I promise to….

I greet this day with love in my heart! Scroll II is really speaking to me, I need to look at people with love! Saying I love you is a big deal to me, I did not hear it much growing up and I took those words very seriously! I did not throw them around loosely, I only told one man (my husband) I love you! I was close one other time, but when I opened my mouth the words wouldn’t come out! Even telling myself in the mirror I love you Brenda is not a easy task! But it is getting easier, and I really enjoy saying the words I love you in my head to all that I meet, I feel good! I think it makes me happier! This whole experience so far has taught me a lot about myself, and I am grateful…..Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads this and I hope your day is filled with love and positive thoughts!

I always keep my promises! -Brenda