Master Key Experience Week 21; Freedom

I promise to……….

This week I have spent a lot of time with my kids, they had Monday and Tuesday off of school, and Thursday (today) I went on a field trip down hill skiing with my oldest son! We had a lot of fun together today! Even his teacher said how lucky I was that he spent the whole day with me going on the chair lifts together and then following each other down the hills! She said when she went on a field trip with her son he ditched her for his friends! It really did make me reflect how lucky I am….. I am lucky he wanted me to go with him, I am lucky he wanted to spend the whole day by my side, I am lucky I have the time freedom to go with him when he asks, I am just lucky or I prefer the term BLESSED! This month we are reading about living each day as if it is our last, and today I lived it! If this would have been my last day, I got the privilege of spending it focused on my son, and what makes him smile at me, so happy I got to spend time with him (one on one, I have 4 kids so they don’t get much one on one time)! I truly enjoy spending time with my family! I am Blessed that I have the freedom to choose what I do with my time, but with choice comes responsibility to prioritize, I do need to stay focused or I will loose sight of why I do what I do! I need to keep chipping away that cement that is holding me back from stepping out into my full potential! I know I was meant for greatness, so watch out world I am stepping out of my comfort zone to meet you!!

I always keep my promises……….Brenda


Master Key experience week 20; Dash

I promise to………

This week Mark talked about the Dash! The dash doesn’t seem like a big thing but it is huge! What does your dash represent? Our time line consists of the date we were born the dash and the date we die! So the dash represents everything in the middle! What did you accomplish on your dash? What will you be remembered for? Those are some powerful questions! If we truly live each day as our last, what do you want to accomplish? What does your last day look like! Are you happy, satisfied with your live? Is it filled with regret, or possibly fear? We have the ability to choose our outcome! They say you can fake it until you make it! I prefer Fake it until you become it! Use the power pose! I am wonder woman!! Not sure if I have this right but I do like it so… Our bodies can change our mind, our mind can change our outcome, our outcome can change our lives! So fake it until you become it!!!!

I always keep my promises…………Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 18; Future

I promise to……..

What would the person I intend to become do next?

WOW, that is a loaded question!! What would the person I intend to become do next? Life is definitely full of ups and downs, twists and turns, this path or that one! Always wondering if you made the right choice, what will my future hold?? These are all good and what most consider normal questions……but what we should be asking is “What would the person I intend to become do next?” If we really key into that question, all the rest falls into place, I can see what path I should take, I know I made the right choice! When I have a definite end in mind, I can see the path, I can see the future! I spent so many years just going through the motions of life, I didn’t have a goal or definite purpose, end game in mind! Day in day out same old same old, NO more, no more indecisiveness, no more lack of gratitude, no more opinions, NO MORE old Brenda! I am Focused, Kind, “I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Harmonious, and Happy!”

I have the lamp and I know how to rub it -with ENTHUSIASM!

I always keep my promises…..Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 17HJ; Journey

I promise to………

This week has been crazy busy! I have been making preparations for my trip to Miami FL, there is so much that needs to get done before a trip, but so much of it can’t be done until the night before! It is a little game of hurry up and wait! That reminds me of the journey of life, we rush through things, hurry hurry don’t be late, and then wait, wait for the next big thing, wait for the next catch of the day, wait for the next big opportunity! As I sit here thinking about my journey, I am so grateful for all the Blessings I have in my life! I am grateful for the opportunity to go to FL for a conference! Grateful for a loving family that will wait for me to come home, all excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of me! This course has taught me about patience, kindness, forgiveness, and to embrace change! Change can be such a wonderful thing! (I have learned so much more in this course but listed a few examples) Thank you so much for everything you do! I know you are making someone’s life just a little brighter today!! Have a fantastic day!

I always keep my promises………Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 17;?’s in you

I promise to…..

Kindness has been on my heart this week and last! It was cool last week on our way to school we were listening to a christian radio station and this guy told a story : he said I was drinking my coffee one day and I got bumped and spilled coffee on my shirt,  (and I don’t quite recall the next part but it pretty much is this) why coffee, why not tea? If I had tea in my cup I will spill tea, if I have coffee it is coffee. What ever you put into your cup will come out, just like whatever you put into you when you get bumped or rattled that is going to come out…is it love, kindness, good or is it anger, resentment, bad?? We all have a choice what we put into our cup! Fill that cup up with kindness, peace, harmony until it spills all over you!!!! Have a fantastic week!

I always keep my promises…………..Brenda

Master Key Experience week 16; Miracle

I promise to…..

As I look around me for kindness this week, I am amazed that I rarely saw kindness before! That I was so unfocused, so in my own little world, not to notice kindness with out trying to see it! I am so grateful for this exercise this week! One thing I noticed today was my sweet little 5 year old boy! We decided to go visit his great 95 yr old grandma, and we didn’t want to show up empty handed so I let him pick out some donuts and orange juice at the store! When we got to the store my son opened the door for me, his little brother, and a guy walking in behind us! The guy smiled and said thank you, and I also said “Thank you Jaron you are so nice to hold the door for other people”. It just made his day to know that he was so BIG and Helpful!

Last Friday was my oldest son Levi’s birthday and on the way to school we got talking about his birth! The amazing story of how he came into this world! After I shared his birth story, my 3 other children asked about theirs! It was wonderful to think back to the day they were born and how each one was such a miracle and a Blessing to me! Each child has a different story of how they came into this world, not one was the same! So as I am doing my readings this week in the greatest salesman in the world by OG Mandino I keep being brought back to this conversation with my kids, and how we are all unique and different even tho we are all brothers! How each of my kids are unique, rare, not like any other, and natures greatest miracle! I am so happy and Blessed! Life is fantastic!

I always keep my promises…………….Brenda