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Master Key Experience Week 11&12; Holiday fun!

I promise too…………………………………………………………….

Wow I always love the week 12 webinar! That one sentence DMP says it all for me! I am so very happy, we are all healthy, everyone got along great this holiday season, life is FANTASTIC!

As I am preparing for this holiday season, I keep trying to keep that one sentence dmp at the front of my mind! Focus on the Blessings I have in my life, instead of the craziness that tends to go with the holidays! I really look forward to the Christmas time of year! Next week my kids have their Christmas program, my kids all get to sing on stage, but my oldest also has a big part of the program. He is one of the main characters! I am so excited to see him perform!  I might even get to put makeup on him lol All the 6th graders have a speaking part and they all have to wear makeup! 6th grade boys are funny when they realize they have to wear makeup! haha

We celebrate my side Christmas on Sunday! My parents had 11 kids(10 still living) and all but 1 are married now, so as you can imagine it is a very big gathering! I always look forward to it, but am very relieved when it is all over! This is where I struggle the most with old blue! Thanksgiving went good but I only had to stay focused for like 2 hours and I was out and off to the next gathering! On Sunday we don’t split the day so I will have to stay focused for a whole day! I know I can do it!This course has taught me so much and I know what I need to do, and how to do it! I am so grateful! My relationships with my family has improved so much over the past year! I find it hard to believe I have been with master key for a whole year already! Another Blessing!! It is truly amazing how many Blessings we have when we open our eyes and hearts to what is going on around us!

I always keep my promises……………………………………………..Brenda


Master Key Experience Week 10; Cookies

I promise to………………………

This week has been extremely busy for me. My kids school does a week long cookie bake every year, and I volunteered to be one of the people in charge of it this year! So I was at the school every day (Monday-Friday) from 1-5:30 and Tuesday I went back from 7-10, Friday I was there from 1-7! We made over 2500 DOZEN cookies, and I am so happy this fundraiser is done! The kids and parents help make this fundraiser a huge success! It really is fun to visit and interact with other people during this fundraiser! Watching people talk and laugh is one of the things I like most about it! The Christmas spirit really gets into us during this fundraiser! I love it, but I am extremely exhausted!

This week has been a hard one with my brother in law going to the hospital! His appendix burst and he had surgery on Thursday morning! Prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes would be greatly appreciated! He is my husbands oldest brother and he is only like 44 years old and not doing that great! His wife just moved out of their home like a month ago. They were together like 24 years married for like 18! So sad! Prayers for his recovery and all areas of his life would be great right now!

On a more positive note! My 6th grade son Levi had 2 basketball games this morning,(I am his coach, that was on my dmp last year to be more involved in my kids sports) They did an awesome job! The lost the first game by like 2 baskets and won the second game by 1 point, two nail bitter games lol! My daughter Annabell 4th grade had her first tournament (games) this morning as well, she did awesome, she scored 7 points in the 2nd game and they took 2nd place! I wish I could be at two places at once so I could have watched her play, but luckily I have a husband that could go be with her! So we did the divide and conquer thing today! I took 2 kids with me and my husband Jon took 2 with him!

All and All Life is good, and we are Healthy, and Happy!

I always keep my promises……………………………………………………………..Brenda

Masterkey Experience Week 9;Old Blueprint

I promise to………………………….

Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving day surrounded by family! I gave thanks for the many Blessings I have in my life! I am so thankful for family and good health for all of them! The hard part about spending all day with family is remembering my training and everything I have learned in the Master Key and staying focused on the person I become and not old subby! It is so easy to go back to what is familiar and old blue just wants to be a part of my life again! But I do not want to go back to old blue, I like the gal in the glass looking back at me! That new gal is strong, confident, positive, happy, healthy, whole, powerful, perfect, loving, and harmonious! I just have to stay focused on that and every little thing is gunna be alright!

I always keep my promises………………………………….Brenda

Masterkey Experience Week 8;no tv

I promise too……………………………

This week has just flown by, not sure if it was because no tv week, and I kept busy doing things or because I didn’t waste time on mindless tv watching! lol I still can’t believe it is Friday! As most of you know I am coaching my son’s 6th grade basketball team, and we are practicing 2 nights a week, my daughter has basketball practice 1 day a week (not the same night-I wish) and I do a business meeting 1 night a week! So needless to say I stay busy without wasting my time on tv! I always love this week, cuz it really puts things in perspective for me!

I think I put this in my last blog, but we ended up with 6 deer for 9 hunters! I did not get one, but I was lucky enough to be in the stand with my son when he shot his first deer!

I always keep my promises…………….Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 7; 7 Day Mental Diet

I promise to……………………………………….

This week is always a challenge to get my head thinking only positive thoughts! This week I have been challenged to do a 7 day mental diet where I only have good and positive thoughts! Not easy, and a lot of start overs!! But I am definitely not easy, but worth the effort! I love how I feel when I am positive and happy, just a all around better feeling and person to be around!

I know you are waiting for my deer hunting up date that I promised! So I have not shot one yet, but I did have my oldest son sitting with me and I did give him first shot on one and I am happy to report Levi got his first deer! He is super excited and I am so happy for him! We have a party of like 9 people hunting on our land and so far we have 5 deer! Not bad, we just have 2 day’s left of the season and we will be done for this year! All in all happy with this years turn out!

Tomorrow morning I am happy to be coaching my son’s basketball team, we have our first game of the season! Looking forward to that!

Gotta go, until next week!

I always keep my promises……………………………………………….Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 6; Hunting

I promise to……………………….

Tonight I played in my alumni volleyball game against my niece who is currently going to the private Christian school that I went to! It is hard to believe that I have been out of school for 18 years already! Crazy, we had a lot of fun totally beating the current team! lol No we really were as nice as we could be! It was a fun evening and at the end we mixed the teams up and my daughter got to join in the fun with me! Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Tomorrow is the first day of deer hunting in my area in MN! I plan on siting in a stand with my 10 year old daughter! we are both excited about that time together! I love just sitting out in nature and reflecting! Sometimes I bring a book and try to do some reading out on the deer stand! I will keep you posted next week on how we are doing/if we got any! Hunting in your area starts this weekend and goes through the next weekend!

For those of you who are reading the greatest salesman in the world book, we are on scroll II I think that is my favorite scroll! I will greet this day with love in my heart! I love how I feel when I get done with my daily reading on this scroll! Peace and love for now!

I always keep my promises……………………….Brenda

Master Key Experience Week 5; Love

I promise to………….

This weekend is going to be a celebration of love! I am excited to celebrate 16 years of marriage with my husband tomorrow! I can’t believe how fast time flies! Then on Saturday one of my younger brothers are getting married! So we will get to celebrate another day of love and marriage! I love weddings, they are so much fun!!! I love to see so many smiling faces, and laughter! It just brightens up the world (my world lol)

My kids and I listen to Christian music every day on the way to school, and our local radio station Celebrates birthday’s and wedding anniversary’s on air, so my kids are super excited to hear their happy anniversary message for my husband and I! I love how the little things like that get them so excited and gitty! Kids are so innocent and fun!

Well, got to cut this short again! But duty (or kids) are calling! (and they should be sleeping) haha oh well, I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always keep my promises………………………….Brenda